• Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Microsoft Dynamics AX

    ERP system, which is a system of integrated business management »more
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    solutions for sales and management of customer relations »more
  • Mobile applications

    Mobile applications

    if you need a fast and easy access to information for your company »more
  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    supports management and strategic decision-making processes »more
  • Warehouse Managment System

    Warehouse Managment System

    a system for managing high storage warehouses »more
  • ERP implementation

    Integrate all your business activities into one cohesive system, streamline information flow and management.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Attract the attention of future clients, develop sales, manage work of salesmen more efficiently and keep good relations with clients.

  • WMS module

    Allows handling warehouse operations skilfully and comprehensively, enhances storemen's workflow efficiency by even 30%.

  • Business Intelligence

    Make important, strategic decisions basing on reliable knowledge, reports and information; select a solution which would get the most of accurate decisions.

  • Mobile applications

    Gain unlimited and remote access to your company's systems, get all necessary data instantly, be ahead of your competition.

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5 reasons why you can trust us

5 reasons why you can trust us
  • Firstly:
    • we perfectly know how to implement
  • Secondly:
    • we observe the rules
  • Thirdly:
    • we are fascinated by what we do
  • Fourthly:
    • specialization in one area allows constant aspiration to perfection
  • Fifthly:
    • we are flexible
» more